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Which type of image do I choose?

Depending on what you are making, will determine which type of image works best. Frosting sheets are best for full coverage images whereas wafers are best for cutouts to add accents to chocolate covered treats or to use as cupcake toppers.


What is a wafer image?

Our printed wafers are semi-translucent and best used as cutouts for accents to your sweets. They are crisp and not flexible. If handled too roughly, they will crack. These typically come cut to shape as they do not require a fondant backing and are smaller in size. They can hold their shape on their own thus working well for cupcake toppers.


What is a drink wafer?

Our drink wafers are a thicker wafer paper, custom printed and cut to 3" rounds although custom shapes are always welcome. These are placed on top of your cocktail or mocktail as a finishing touch right before handing it to a guest. The wafer melts into the drink after several seconds with no after taste or change in texture to your drink.


What is a frosting sheet?

Our edible frosting sheets are the most common type of edible image and most widely used throughout the industry. These are full coverage and completely flexible allowing you to form them around cake pops, strawberries or a cake! These are the best option when covering oreos or rice krispie treats as well.


What is the largest size wafer sheet I can order?

Our edible wafer sheets are available in standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". The largest print size available is an 8" round, heart or square.


What is the largest size frosting sheet I can order?

Our frosting sheets are available in several sizes with tabloid size, 11" x 17" being the largest. The largest print sizes available are an 11" round or square, 14" heart or a 1/2 sheet.


How long do the wafers last?

As long as they are kept in the sealed pouch and away from certain elements, they are good to use within a year of purchase.


How long do the frosting sheets last?

As long as they are kept in a dry, cool space and are kept in the sealed bag, they will last for up to 30 days.


How do I apply the images?

Both wafers and frosting sheets can be applied using a small amount of edible glue. Wafers can also be applied to chocolate treats using a small dab of melted chocolate. Frosting sheets should be backed with fondant before applying to a cake or being used as cupcake toppers.


Can I return the images if they don’t fit?

Unfortunately all sales are final on edible images. Returns and exchanges are not permitted.

All orders are subiect to Illinois State Sales Tax.
All policies and prices are subject to change without notice.

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